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5 Essentials To Simplify Your Summer Sun Care

5 Essentials To Simplify Your Summer Sun Care

If you’re counting down to a holiday this summer, you’ll want to know your family’s skin is protected during those lazy days in the sunshine. We know the drill: slop on the suncream, slap on a hat and head for the shade in the midday sun. But, whether you’re jetting off abroad and keeping baggage weight allowance in mind, or staying in the UK and thinking about boot space, shopping for suncream for all the family can make for a bulky addition to the holiday packing.

To take away the overwhelm, here’s a simplified suncream shopping list that should cover eventualities for all the family.

1. One and done: A once-a-day sun cream is an essential as it can give real peace of mind knowing that skin is protected before you even step foot into the sunshine. If you’re heading out for the day, the Riemann P20 Spray F50+ gives 10 hours sun protection and acts as a great base for all the family so you don’t have to worry about constantly re-applying when you’re on-the-go.

2. Get the sun-kissed glow: If you’re wanting to both protect your skin and nourish it in one go, the Piz Buin Spray F30 can help to avoid that parched skin feeling you can get from a day in the sun. It is enriched with a strong anti-oxidant that can help avoid premature skin-ageing and is really hydrating, leaving skin soft and supple.

3. Mind your head: Hands up if you’ve forgotten your hair parting when it comes to applying suncream? Ouch. To protect both your scalp and your hair from the harmful rays, spray the Calypso Scalp Protect directly onto the hair. It’s non-greasy, dries really quickly and is even water-resistant.

4. Fun in the sun: Getting suncream applied to wriggly children can be a challenge. One top tip is to make suncream application playful. We like the Calypso Kids Roll-On F50 that has a disappearing colour to create a bit of magic for the kids and gives parents the certainty that they’ve applied an even coverage to precious skin.

5. Pucker up: Don’t forget your lips. Avoid dry and chapped skin on the sensitive skin of the lips by using a moisurising balm. The Malibu Face & Lip Cream gives both high protection with an SPF30, as well as containing Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to nourish the lips, both on holiday and for everyday use.

6. Cool off: After a day in the sunshine, the Calypso Aloe Vera After Sun is soothing and refreshing on the skin. It is a gel formula that has an instantly cooling effect and contains both aloe vera and witch hazel, known to be moisturising and healing. Your skin will love this – it makes it feel soft and smooth and will help to prolong your glowing tan.

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