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Back To School Tips for Healthy Teens

Back to school

Your teen may be more concerned with getting their footwear and stationery sorted for the new school year but, like many mums, your priority is keeping your squad happy and healthy long into the new term.

Backpack Essentials

Since they’ve lived through a once-in-a-generation pandemic, our children are more aware of the need for hand hygiene than we ever needed to be. But, kids will be kids too. Along with books and pencil cases, here are a few items for their backpack to encourage good habits.

  • Medex Medimask: These 3-ply face masks are disposable so you can be sure your child is using a clean mask regularly. They’re adjustable and fluid resistant.
  • Icare Touch Screen Wipes: If your teen is permanently attached to their devices, these anti-bacterial wipes will give you a little bit of peace of mind. They’ll remove fingerprints, dust and grime from laptop screens and mobile phones.
  • Carex Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser for sensitive skin: This sanitiser is 70% alcohol content and kills 99.99% of bacteria but is also gentle on sensitive skin.

First Day Prep

  • Head On Spray: This is a mild spray that contains natural active ingredients such a neem, tea tree and eucalyptus oils, which act as a repellent for the dreaded head lice. It also helps keep hair soft and conditioned.
  • Easy Tease Anti-Tangle Brush: The shape of this brush makes it really comfortable to use and is said to painlessly detangle hair, whether it’s wet or dry.
  • Goody Ouchless Elastics (27’s): These hair ties are metal-free so it means there’s less drama around hair snags on a hectic, pre-school morning. It helps to reduce breakage to keep your child’s hair healthy and strong.

Stay Healthy

It’s said that for every new term, there’s a new germ. The new school year inevitably brings with it new coughs and colds and bugs. To build up your child’s immunity to see them through the winter months, to avoid any more missed school days, you may want to try these out:

  • Bassetts Multivitamins 7-11: These soft and chewy vitamins contain essential vitamins for energy and to support for the immune system. They have a yummy raspberry flavour but only contain natural flavours and colours. Each pack contains 30 multivitamins. For younger children, try these Vitamin Store Chewable Multivitamins in a strawberry flavour.

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