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Beat the cold and flu season with these six super remedies

Seasonal flu is an infection caused by a virus. It can affect your nose, throat and lungs and is one of the most common health complaints, particularly between December and March. You’ve probably experienced it before and, chances are, you’re likely to catch it again. This is especially true if you have children. The symptoms of flu are annoying but there are some essentials you can stock up on to lessen their effects and generally keep yourself and your family more comfortable. Don’t forget to combine these with lots of rest and plenty of water.

  1. Time to breathe easy

When your nasal passage becomes blocked, it can often cause headaches and difficulty breathing clearly. Both are unpleasant, but steam inhalers like this one from Medisure can alleviate the discomfort. It delivers warm, soothing steam to ease congestion and help you to breathe more easily. Plus, unlike the bowl of water and a towel method, steam inhalers don’t carry the same risk of scalds or burns. If you’re still struggling with your sinuses, try Sudafed’s Blocked Nose Spray 15ml. This best-selling spray gets to work within ten minutes, unblocking airways effectively for up to ten hours!

2. See off that sore throat

Established in 1907, Jakemans make a range of menthol confections including their original Throat & Chest Menthol Sweets, which soothe and cool sore throats. If it’s a tickly cough that’s troubling you, why not try Bells Healthcare Dry Tickly Cough 200ml? It’s specially formulated to give relief from annoying coughs and is safe for children aged one or above. It tastes lovely too, which always helps.

3. Conquer coughs and colds

We know how annoying it can be when you’re suffering from a cold or the flu, especially when you’ve got a family to look after. You want to get back to your normal self as quickly as possible. Galpharm Flu-Max All-In-One Chesty Cough & Cold Tablets 16’s contain paracetamol, phenylephrine and guaifenesin for effective relief from headaches, sore throats, blocked noses, chills, aches, and pains, as well as chesty coughs. Alternatively, combine a sachet of Lemsip Cold & Flu Blackcurrant Sachets 10’s with hot but not boiling water and, if you like, a spoonful of honey. This product also contains paracetamol but is safe for adults and children over the age of twelve.

Get well soon! For even more cold and flu essentials, browse the complete range here.


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