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Feeling body confident in summer

A lot of us feel the pressure to look fantastic in the summer, but it’s so much more important that we feel fantastic.

We use products to cleanse, nourish, moisturise, buff, tan, and create an amazing glow on the outside. We’re here to tell you how to get the most of the time you spend on your beauty routines so that you feel good from the inside out. 

Your routine can become a nourishing ritual and act of self-love – here’s how to embrace #SunkissedSelfLove.

Weekly ritual:

We all have responsibilities that we absolutely have to make time for in our weeks: work, childcare, exercise. Think of your beauty routine as one of these essentials, and you’ll find time each week to dedicate yourself to little acts of self love. You can use the same calm and conscious time to reflect on your week, and set intention for the next seven days.

A bath can help you to melt into a calmer state. By using your favourite bath products, applying a hair mask and face mask while you lie back and relax you can look after your body and prepare your mind to start the new week afresh.

With clean, dry skin after your bath, you’ll get great results from exfoliating and buffing. The Sunkissed Tan Be Gone Double Sided Exfoliating Mitts are the perfect tool for the job. Buff away any remnants of tan with the purple side of the mitt, and switch to the pink side to buff and prime your skin.

Now you can work on that outward glow by applying a self-tan that will last through the week. Sunkissed Express 1 Hour Tan is lightweight and so easy to apply. For a longer-lasting tan, choose Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse (Medium) for an enviable natural-looking bronze tan that also moisturises your skin with aloe vera and glycerine.

For the full pamper experience, you could apply your tan with the super-soft and extra nurturing Sunkissed Face & Body Tanning BrushWith an angled brush, it gets into any tricky spots and makes sure your tan is perfectly blended around the knees, feet, elbows and hands. 

If your face and neck are your priority for tanning, we like the Sunkissed Facial Tanning Mist. It’s simple to use and will give you a healthy glow for the face and neck.

Morning ritual:

Mornings are precious. Whatever else happens in the day, you’ll spend at least a few moments in the morning preparing yourself physically for the day ahead. Prepare yourself mentally, too, by asking yourself: “How do I want to feel?”, while you wash and dress yourself.

As you contemplate your coming day, you could massage your body with Sunkissed Skin Collagen & Vitamin C Skin Firming Serum. Massage encourages the body’s production of oxytocin, so not only will you improve circulation and decrease puffiness, but you’ll get a boost of happiness to kickstart your day. 

You could follow up with the Sunkissed Baked To Perfection Blush & Highlight Duoapplied with the Sunkissed Bronzing Brush, followed by the Sunkissed Make Me Fancy palette, to really perfect your glow. Remember, the question is ‘how do you want to feel’? Let your eyes do the talking with this palette which has a colour for every mood. 

Finally, Sunkissed Mega Long False Effect Lash Mascara’s vegan-friendly formula will darken and define lashes, making them appear larger and more open.

Nighttime ritual:

We create bedtime routines for babies and children because we know it helps them sleep better and longer. Why not do the same for yourself? Set aside phones and screens to eliminate blue light, and spend a few minutes caring for your face and body.

To wash away the day’s grime and stresses, we choose the Sunkissed Skin Purifying Cleansing Foamer, which has a 95% natural and vegan formula. Massage into the face gently, rinse away and then pat the Sunkissed Skin Niacinamide Night Repair Serum into clean, dry skin.

Now lie down and enjoy a restful night, knowing that you’ve built small moments of #SunkissedSelfLove into your day.


Feeling body confident in summer

A lot of us feel the pressure to look fantastic in the summer, but it’s so much more important that we feel fantastic. We use products to


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