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Happy Hygiene Hacks

Happy Hygiene Hacks

It’s said that our environment affects our wellbeing. The same is true of our physical environment – our body. When we have good personal hygiene habits, it’s known to positively affect our confidence and self-esteem. And the reverse is also true.

To ensure you’re looking good and feeling fresh, here are a few ideas to develop healthy habits for all the family.

1. Hair that’s clean and fresh is one of the most obvious ways to appear groomed and well put-together. Your individual hair type will determine how often you need to wash your hair but the general advice is twice weekly as a minimum. To get glossy locks with a dose of happy, we like the minty-fresh scent of the Alberto Balsam Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner for an invigorating start to the day.

2. A daily shower not only gives that refreshing start to the day but also washes away dead skin cells, oils and bacteria with the help of a gentle soap. We like Simple Pure Soap for sensitive skin. A mild, non-perfumed, non-coloured (and no-plastic) bar soap.

3. Post-shower, apply a good quality deodorant. Mitchum’s Roll-On Powder Fresh will keep you feeling dry and confident for up to 48 hours. As it’s alcohol-free, you won’t get that stinging irritation after shaving but it will still be powerful enough to control body odour. For the man in your life, we like Sure Invisible Ice Anti-Perspirant which does the job against sweat and odour with a technology that responds to movement, releasing bursts of the clean, citrus scent throughout the day.

4. While we’ve known from a young age to brush our teeth twice daily, there are a couple of ways to enhance your oral hygiene routine. Removing plaque helps to prevent tooth cavities, gum inflammation and bad breath. Using an interdental brush is said to remove up to 40% more plaque than using a toothbrush alone. We recommend the TePe Interdental Brushes which are a plastic-coated wire that are safe and effective at cleaning the gaps in-between the teeth where plaque can build up, especially around the back teeth.

Alternatively use a floss such as the Oral B Mint Wax Floss which slides easily between the teeth and below the gum line and can be used morning and night to help gums and teeth stay healthy and keep breath fresh.

5. As well as cleaning hands when they’re visibly dirty, we’ve been regularly reminded of the importance of frequent hand washing over the last 18 months. It’s one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses. We like the Carex Caring Handwash with aloe vera as it contains natural moisturisers to leave hands feeling soft and smooth, as well as offering trusted antibacterial protection.

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