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Aquafresh Splash 3-8 Years Strawberry Toothpaste 50ml

IREC: 2783


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Aquafresh Splash is a specially designed strawberry and mint flavoured toothpaste for kids between 3 and 8 years of age, to provide protection for their primary and new permanent teeth, whilst having a fun flavour to encourage kids to brush for longer. The toothpaste is designed by experts to deliver age-appropriate fluoride levels to your kids’ teeth and help strengthen them from the inside out.

Full Product Details

First teeth are much more than just practice teeth. They hold the spaces for the permanent teeth waiting in the gums. Thinner enamel on primary teeth makes them more vulnerable and they are more susceptible to sugar acid attacks, so they need special care to ensure permanent teeth come through healthy and strong. Besides that, the new permanent teeth starting to come through are more vulnerable than adults’ teeth, so they need special care until they reach their full strength, which may take up to 3 years. The strawberry-mint flavour helps to make brushing a fun experience, to encourage your kids to brush for longer. To make brushing even more engaging, download our Aquafresh Brush Time app. Always read the label before use.

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