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Brushworks Jade Roller & Globe Set

IREC: 3036


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Enhance your skincare routine with the cooling jade stone set that soothes skin inflammation, reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles, improves blood circulation and the absorption of serums.

This set includes: Jade Roller and Jade Globe.

Full Product Details

How to use the Jade Roller: Gently roll the jade roller over a clean, make-up free face. Using the wider roller, start just above the jaw line and roll in an outward and upward direction, towards your ears. Repeat this three times before moving to a different area of the face, working your way up. Use the smaller roller under your eyes and by the nose. Can be used after applying serums and oils and over sheet masks to help the product penetrate into the skin. To reduce puffiness, cool the jade roller in the fridge before use. Gently wash after each use to remove excess product.

How to use the Jade Globe: Gently roll the globe in an upward direction over your forehead, cheeks and neck for 5 minutes to give the skin a tighter appearance. Can be used cool and over your favourite serums. Gently wash after each use to remove excess product.

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