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Carnation Chiropody Felt 1 Sheet

IREC: 6112


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5mm medical grade. Self adhesive felt, as used by Chiropodists. Helps relieve and redistribute pressure from painful areas on the top and bottom of the foot.

Full Product Details

Store in a cool, dry place. No expiry dates. Directions for use: Relief is best achieved by taking weight off sensitive area. Generally the pad should be applied in front of, behind or around the area as necessary. It is not usually recommended to apply the felt directly over the affected area. Ensure skin is clean and dry. Using sharp scissors cut the felt to the required shape. Bevel the edges to help conformability and further reduce pressure on the site. Peel off backing paper and apply pad firmly to the skin. As with all dressings, care should be taken when removing the felt. Use each pad once only. Change as necessary.

Caution: People who have diabetes or circulatory disorders should seek professional advice before use. It is recommended that the felt pad should be kept dry.

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