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Febreze Air Mist Cotton Fresh 185ml

IREC: 7750


In stock

“Indulge in the comforting aroma of freshly laundered linens with Febreze Air Mist in the inviting scent of Cotton Fresh. This 185ml mist encapsulates the essence of pure, clean cotton, infusing your home with a sense of tranquility and cleanliness. With each gentle spritz, the airy fragrance of sun-dried linen sheets fills the air, creating a serene environment that soothes the senses. Say goodbye to unwanted odors as Febreze Air Mist Cotton Fresh effortlessly neutralizes and eliminates them, leaving behind nothing but a whisper of fresh cotton goodness. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or preparing for a cozy evening in, this mist is the perfect way to refresh your space and transform it into a haven of relaxation. Experience the blissful simplicity of Cotton Fresh and embrace the comfort of freshly laundered linens every day with Febreze Air Mist.”

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