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Hush Plugz Foam Earplugs 4 Pairs

IREC: 5108


In stock

Hush Plugz are high quality foam earplugs that offer excellent protection against noise in the home, at work or at leisure. These earplugs are highly suitable to reduce background noise when sleeping, relaxing, studying or travelling. They are also ideal for use when working, for DIY enthusiasts, spectators at motorsport events or to help prevent ear discomfort when walking or cycling outdoors.

Full Product Details

Highly effective noise reduction – SNR 35dB.

CE marked, BS EN 352-2:2002 compliant product for optimum performance.

Ideal for sleeping, relaxing, DIY, working, motorsport spectators and outdoor recreation.

Soft and comfortable to use.

Easy to fit and remove.

Durable, pocket sized carry case.

Attractive and informative pack design for maximum impact.

Retail ready shelf packaging with euro hook slots to aid merchandising.

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