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Jolen Face Wax Strips 16’s

IREC: 1523


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Facial wax strips for removal of facial hair.

Full Product Details

The skin should be clean and dry and without any irritation or traces of other products: creams, oils, make up etc. Warm the strips between your hands until the wax softens. Separate the strips slowly and carefully. Wax each side of the lip separately. Apply a strip from under the nose to a corner of the elip in the direction of hair growth, adhering with a gentle massage. Holding the skin taut with one hand, remove the strip with the other pulling firmly against the direction of hair growth and keeping the strip parallel and as close to the skin as possible. Do not pull upwards. The faster you pull the strip the better the results. Repeat if necessary. The strips can be reused until they lose their effectiveness. For a perfect finish on the upper lip area in addition to applying the strip in the direction of hair growth you can apply another strip against the direction of hair growth and then pull it in the opposite direction. To calm the skin apply light pressure with your hand or apply a cold compress to the waxed area immediately after pulling. Never remove the wax residue with water, soap or alcohol. If necessary, remove it with cotton wool soaked in oil. store in a cool dry place. Use within 18 month of opening.

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