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Purederm Exfoliating Heel Mask

IREC: 2539


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Customer reviews for Purederm Exfoliating Heel Mask

  1. Daisy N

    I’ve used foot masks before which is usually messy and slippery. But this is my first time using a heel mask – which is where the problems are usually on my feet! It was easy enough to put on but the instructions wasn’t so easy to understand. Walked around easily, not slippery or messy – just as advertised! Heels felt very smooth after. The peeling stage was the best and probably gross to some but loved it ??

  2. Tracey F

    I was very excited about using this. A bit tricky to get on, once some of the liquid leaked out but I put a couple of pairs of socks on top. Was starting to think it hadn’t worked but on day 5, lots of dead skin just flaked off my feet. It certainly gave my feet a great clean. Would be a great fix for a holiday or a special occasion if your feet have been neglected for a while.

  3. Rachel R

    Feet felt great after using this product.

  4. Pascale B

    This was my first experience with a skin peel foot mask and I was so happy with the results. I left the mask on for an hour on my feet and after a few days, the difference was night and day. My feet had a full peel and are now super soft and ready for summer so I would definitely recommend.

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