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Silkia Wax Strips Assorted 50’s

IREC: 11886


In stock

Can’t decide which wax strips are the best choice for you? Why not try our assorted selection with 50 strips of 3 sizes for face, body and bikini.

Full Product Details

Keep out of reach of children. 18 Months PAO Warm the wax strips between the hands before use. Place the strip wax-down onto the desired area and smooth in the direction of hair growth. Pulling the skin taught at the base of the strip and in one quick, fluid motion, pull the strip in the opposite direction to hair growth. Silkia’s wax strips can be re-used on another section of skin until all adhesion of the strip has been lost. Once all desired hair has been removed, cleanse the area to get rid of any wax residue and apply the post-wax aloe vera cream for beautifully smooth skin.

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