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St. Moriz Tanning Mist Medium 150ml

IREC: 14088


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A St Moriz OG tan in a mist! This Medium Tanning Mist is perfect for tanning newbies and experts alike, the fast drying formula is super easy to apply, meaning there’s no need for the ‘self-tan dance’ before getting dressed. All whilst the instant colour guide helps you to achieve a streak free finish and an instant bronzed glow, which will develop over 4-6 hours to leave you with the ultimate glow goals!

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How to use:
• For a flawless finish, exfoliate and shave 24+ hours prior.
• Moisturise joints like elbows, wrists, knees and ankles before applying your tan.
• Before opening, shake the can like you’re mixing a cocktail.
• Stand on an old towel or baby wipes to prevent the soles of your feet from tanning!
• Spray lightly and evenly in a continuous, sweeping movement, keeping the spray 15-30cm, from the body and face. When applying to the face, avoid contact with eyes.
• Wait until you are fully dry before dressing. Wear dark loose clothing to avoid any marks.
• Your glowing tan will begin to develop between 4-6 hours.
• Then rinse off your guide colour to reveal your gorgeous glow!
• Lightly exfoliate on the third or fourth day, to help your tan fade naturally.

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