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TePe Angle Pink Interdental Brushes 0.4mm 6’s

IREC: 10071


In stock

A small brush by TePe designed to clear tooth gaps of any remains and debris. Ensures strong gums and teeth for a healthier feeling – every day.

Full Product Details

The practical design with a long handle and a pre-angled neck allow for extra access to the back teeth. Superior usability and ease compared to regular floss. Plastic coating over the wire guarantees safe and gentle cleaning . Safeguard against gum inflammation, cavities and bad breath. Removes 40% more plaque than brushing alone. Use TePe brushes daily for best result and to form a healthy habit. Items delivered: 1 x 6 TePe Angled Brushes with handle, pink (0.4mm). Reusable Interdental Brush with angled head and handle. Developed in close collaboration with dental experts (Made in Sweden)

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