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Zoflora Country Garden 120ml

IREC: 2040


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Zoflora the UK’s No 1 selling disinfectant! This 3 in 1 action formula kills 99% of bacteria and viruses including the Covid 19 virus, whilst delivering fragrant all day freshness. Classic Country Garden fragrance is like taking a walk through a cottage garden, blooming with delicate roses, English wildflowers and sweet blossom in the fresh country air.

Full Product Details

Whether you spray it, wipe it or mop it, A little goes a long way, Zoflora is a versatile and easy to use and should always be in your cleaning kit when you’re taking on germs around the house.

Use neat or Dilute in water at a ratio of 1 in 40.

Spray it -Dilute 2 capfuls of Zoflora in a standard 800ml trigger spray to create a handy, easy to use Zoflora trigger spray, Great for surfaces and regularly touched items such as door, handles and taps.

  • Soak it Use neat – Use Zoflora directly from the bottle to fight nasty odours caused by bacteria in your drains and plugholes.
  • Mop it – Dilute 1 part Zoflora to 40 parts water, wipe away visible dirt,, simply mop to kill the bacteria and germs that enter your home on peoples feet or that your pets bring in from outside.
  • Wipe it – Tackle surfaces around the home using a cloth and bucket, dilute 4 capfuls in 1.6 litres of water, Do not use on polished wood and check for colour fastness on soft furnishings first.

Always allow areas to dry completely before allowing animals and children back onto the treated area.

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